Train the Trainer


We take your success to the next level but on an international scale and no other etiquette curricula in the world delivers a more global and dynamic approach to the Train The Trainer Certification. In partnership with Distinguished Etiquette in the Netherlands, our group, bespoke and in-house trainings are widely available in Europe and China. 


The Royal Etiquette Academy Canton in partnership with Distinguished based in the Netherlands blends the best of old-word traditions and modern-day innovation into dynamic training materials to inspire audiences in every corner of the globe. Focused on your success, our Masterclass Certification Trainees receive a certification to deliver European etiquette programmes, utilising our materials in your market. Our etiquette certification programmes are by license, not franchise and, as such, you will have the foundational structure to offer ready-made trainings that are flexible and adaptably to your particular market.

Additionally, we offer the only certification programmes that address the in-depth ‘why’ of etiquette and protocol conventions.

You will leave the Netherlands with the understanding that there is always more than one way to do nearly everything…and you will know why and how, enabling you to apply European etiquette and protocol theory to an extensive range of clients. Accordingly, you will save years of study and, following completion of the examination, you will be a fully-qualified Certified International Etiquette Consultant.

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For more information about our Train the Trainer course in China or The Netherlands please contact us here below.


Castle van Wittenburg


During your stay, we will take you to various tourist attractions around Holland


Take a boat trip around Amsterdam canals or even rent a bike, all can be done!



If you desire to stay longer we can also add on other European countries tour such as visit France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Italy or even Spain